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Fox Cubs And Vixen

fine art print of fox cubs and vixen by carl whitfield
If you have been lucky enough to see cubs playing in their natural habitat, you will know what a lovely sight this is to see.  The mother is ever present and watchful for outside danger.  She is probably tired out and quite looking forward to having her young venture forth on their own and leave.  This sight is not just confined to the countryside, it could just as easily be the garden shed right in the heart of suburbia.  Be you for, or against the fox, it is a real joy to see.  This painting was done in stages, over a period of months, oil on board.  I feel it is one of my best to date, and I can honestly say I enjoyed the challenge.  It is one of my special pictures and I have always regretted selling the original artwork as it was destined for my own wall, but needs must and I can have one of the 50 prints to remind me as compensation.

Image Size : 525x254mm : 20.5" x 10"
Limited Edition size : 50 prints

All prints are signed and individually numbered by Carl Whitfield.

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Limited Edition Framed Print
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